square cut

How to Play Square Cut

Now we are going to look at some of the shots that you can play square of the wicket. These shots are great scoring shots but involves a bit of risk in playing them as they are cross batted. Played correctly and played to perfection, they can get you to triple figures faster for sure.

Square Cut

Step 1.
Bat lift

Step 2.
Step to the side with your back foot covering the line of the ball.

Step 3.
Bring the bat down in line of the ball to make contact with the ball keeping the bat angled slightly down to send the ball down the ground. If you want to clear cover point fielder and go above his head, then have the bat slightly angled up. But its best to play down to be safe.

Watch the video below where late Bob Woolmer, the former South Africa and Pakistan coach explaining how to play this stroke technically correct.

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